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 Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions incorporated herein. If you do not expressly agree to all of the terms and conditions, then please discontinue with the process.

 The following terms and conditions is a legally binding agreement that shall govern the Catholic Liturgical & Gospel Music Awards, which is defined below:

  General Rules

  1. The Nomination/Screening Committee decision is final in relation to any award and no correspondence will be entered to in relation to the committee decision.
  2. The CLGMA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any problems resulting from incorrect or incomplete entries.
  3. The Nomination/Screening Committee shall not be required to provide reasons for any decision in respect of the competition.
  4. The CLGMA reserves the right to cancel, modify and amend the competition rules at any time if deemed necessary in its opinion and if circumstances beyond their control arise. A copy of the rules and any amendments will at all times be available on the official website clgmawards.com.
  5. For all the categories of CLGMA, the songs shall include lyrics which have a common theme of praise, worship and giving thanks to God. In the event of any doubt in content, the judge’s decision is final and binding.
  6. The Judges shall have the right to disallow entry forms in the following instances:
  7. The nominator provided insufficient information to verify entry.
  8. The entrant is not eligible to enter.
  • The song does not promote the Gospel.
  1. Where there has been non-compliance with the rules, whatsoever.
  2. The Judges shall have the right to:
  3. Place any entry into the category it deems appropriate.
  4. Rule on the eligibility of any entry.
  • Withdraw any category any year if CLGMA determines there is insufficient number of eligible entries in that category and at the CLGMA discretion, top place the affected another category.
  1. By accepting the nomination, the nominee hereby agrees to be bound by the rules and hereby grants to the CLGMA, the rights to do the following:
  2. To use each nominee’s photograph, name, image, likeness, biography, interviews and recorded performances for marketing, advertising, filming, broadcasting and commercially.
  3. To use nominee’s sound recordings in synchronization with the broadcast of the CLGMA on television, radio and in promoting, marketing, advertising, filming and broadcasting the CLGMA. The nominee warrants that he/she is under no disability, restriction or prohibition from granting the rights as aforesaid to CLGMA and indemnifies the CLGMA against any claims which may be brought against the CLGMA as well as any harm, loss or damage as a result of the nominee failing to adhere to his warranty.
  4. Each entrant and nominee waives any claims whatsoever, arising, which they may have against CLGMA and their sponsors.
  5. Each entrant and nominee indemnifies the sponsors, CLGMA, its licenses against any liability and against any claims which may arise directly or indirectly from any breach of these rules. This indemnity shall survive the completion of the awards. 
  1. For assessment criteria:
  2. Composition will be assessed as to their quality, on the basis of materials supplied with the nomination form.
  3. Consideration may be given in the assessment to: compositional craft, creativity or originality and excellence or quality.
  • Performance will be assessed as to their quality and their achievements in revealing the nature and intention of the works, based on the materials supplied by the nominator.